Job openings

Brand and Marketing Manager

Digital Marketer MS Office Suite Canva/Adobe Photoshop Communications


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field and/or 1 - 3 years digital marketing / public relations/social media management experience

  • Previous work experience (1- 4years) at similar positions is required with the ability to transfer the acquired experience to related or similar working tasks in the new business environment. Experience in a marketing agency or corporate marketing department is preferable.

  • Skills: strong communication (oral and written), organizing/planning, managerial skills, analytical, adaptation to change, decision making, problem solving, initiative, innovation and creativity, risk taking, people management skills, interpersonal skills

  • Expertise: strategic marketing; digital/internet/mobile marketing; ATL, BTL, CSR, direct marketing and other communication channels;

  • PR skills; advertising and media parameters; P&L analysis; familiarity with the laws, rules and regulations around Advertising in Nigeria

  • Standard Proficiency in basic applications is expected: MS Office - Word, PowerPoint,  Xcel, Acrobat Reader, etc. Strong knowledge of social media platforms and online review management tools is desired. Ability to use Canva/Adobe Photoshop is a huge plus.

  • Demonstrating excellent oral and written communication, editing, and proofreading skills.



Job roles include the following but are not limited to:

  • Planning and executing marketing initiatives including campaigns, events, sponsorships and corporate social responsibility programs.  

  • Building brand awareness and increasing brand value and profitability.  

  • Ensuring that messaging and marketing activities are aligned with brand and company values

  • Developing, implementing, overseeing, and tracking the company social media strategy in order to raise brand awareness, strengthen marketing efforts, and boost sales. 

  • Setting and defining social media KPIs

  • Monitoring SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization

  • Planning and executing commercial ads including photo and video shoots

  • Managing influencer marketing to generate conversions

  • Suggesting and implementing new features useful in the development of brand awareness such as promotions and competitions

  • Staying up to date with current technologies and trends on social media, design tools and applications

  • Managing the budget on sponsored ad and Google Ads campaigns

  • Measuring and reporting to management on the success of all marketing and social media campaigns

  • Composing content for periodic newsletters, bulk email and sms marketing

  • Researching and analyzing consumer behavior, market trends and competitor activity.

  • Developing and implementing strategies that resonate with the target market.